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Honeymoon Leg 1.1 of 3 - Manchester, United Kingdom (1 January 2012) Part 3

After the tour at Old Trafford, we headed back to Manchester City Centre and did a little bit of sight-seeing and checking out whatever shops that were open on that day.

During our 3 nights stay at Manchester, we stayed at Days Hotel Manchester with a reservation for the room with a double bed. The room was extremely cosy and provided us with all that was necessary. Our only gripe was that there appears to be no mini-bar available within the room but this problem was resolved when we learnt that the room service runs round the clock. Breakfast is optional and you could have it either buffet style, continental (in-room service) style or a grab-n-go style. Of course, you could also head on out to have your breakfast. We tried the buffet and grab-n-go, both of which were very delightful and were, perhaps, one of our better breakfasts during our honeymoon. :)

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