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a walking contradiction blessed with His and his love.
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with #mh17 weighing heavily on everyone’s mind, this message couldn’t come at a better time. #dayspring #christianity

Since his death, I have been playing it safe. Push the envelope only far enough to, well, push it but never really achieving anything. I spoke out but the silence was deafening. The fear of rejection and further loss inhibited me; killed me; destroyed me.

Who am I? How do I wish to be remembered? Not through that “child” society expects me to have simply because I’m a married female. No, it has to be more than that. The heart is screaming to be heard. And the body is yearning to take that leap.

No more political correctness. No more sitting on the fence. I was a child filled with curiosity and burning questions. I am a child filled with curiosity and burning questions. I will ask; I will answer; I will listen; I will speak.

Silence has had its time with me.

our eaely birthday presents to each other. #casio #babyg #gshock #watch

childhood memories

visiting my old house.

the feast!

#chickenrice - one of the best in the world.

she is assessing who this fellow is. #nakaylarose #clubzhiming

did I say it’s beer o’clock? #beerfest

and it’s beer o’clock! #beerfest